Anthony S Casey of Singapore is no stranger to grit. With strong will and determination to reach his professional goals, he has traveled the world and launched business. Throughout his career, first as a young entrepreneur and then as a financial services specialist, his varied experiences has earned him a perspective on life that is uniquely honed so that he appreciates what is really important — family and good health. At heart, AnthonyS Casey of Singapore is a family man. Anthony S Casey is a devoted husband and loving father. He is very keen when it comes to personal health as well. He strongly believes in the importance of maintaining a balanced level of fitness.

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Anthony S Casey

Anthony S Casey

Now, it would be unfair to describe Anthony S Casey as a health nut. The nature of his work requires him to eat and drink well with his clients. Many late nights are the result. However, he balances that with regular exercise and conscientious eating habits. For a man in Anthony’s position, his mind is his most important tool, and he has found that keeping his body fit helps to keep his mind sharp. The benefits of physical fitness are many, but Anthony has found that the mental rewards are the most valuable.

Exercise can only go so far if your diet is not appropriate. Currently, Anthony S Casey is practicing an eating regiment known as the 5 + 2 Diet. Also known as the Fast Diet, this diet is based on calorie restriction and intermittent fasting. In essence, the diet requires two days of low calorie intact, usually described as fasting, each week. Typically, men practicing the diet will consume around 600 calories on their fasting days. The diet can promote weight loss and create an overall mindfulness about eating habits. While the diet isn’t for everyone, Anthony S Casey has been benefitting from it for some time. The diet is quite popular in the United Kingdom, and has been spreading through Europe and the United States.

The diligence of Anthony S Casey’s diet is matched by his passion for regular exercise. His typical, daily exercise routine consists of a 2km run down the beach or around the city depending on his location, with intermittent core exercises and meditation along the way. He hits the gym a few times a week and maintains a gym at his residence to stay strong. While raising his young son provides amble rigor, Anthony is consistently looking to improve his fitness.

Plenty of exercise and a good diet are crucial for good health, but there is more to fitness than appearances. Anthony S Casey is also active in testing his endurance and will power. This is what initially drew him to triathlons. For the uninitiated, triathlons are multiple-stage races, incorporating swimming, cycling and running. Triathlon’s vary in distance, ranging from the sprint distance, Olympic distance and the ultra distance, which has been popularized by the Iron Man branded events. There are several governing bodies that regulate the sport. An Olympic event since 2000, triathlons are popular because of the broad range of skills and muscle groups needed for success. The thrill of quickly ‘shifting gears’ and prepping for the next leg is also a reason for their popularity.

Anthony S Casey has completed ten consecutive triathlons. All of these events were charitable in nature, each raising money for very worthy causes. Anthony and his team have raised much needed money for the Little Sisters Fund, that sponsors underprivileged girls through university. Anthony’s career as a triathlete all took place in Singapore, where he competed in events sponsored by OSIM and New Balance. These events took place in East Coast Park, a beautiful beach front park located on the southeastern coast of Singapore, or on Sentosa Island, a popular resort destination. Both locations provided a beautiful backdrop to Anthony S Casey’s efforts. He has competed in the individual relay, corporate relay in both the sprint and Olympic distances.

Though the birth of his son has preoccupied him from competing as frequently as he once did, health and fitness are extremely important aspects of Anthony S Casey’s life. His dedication to health provides him enough energy to keep up with a very active youngster. In Anthony’s own words, “Now he is my triathlon workout!”

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