Everyone loves a good race.

We all want to be the best; the smartest, the richest, the first. In cars, it’s easy to see who’s the best. The fastest car always wins. With a great driver, there is no match to beautiful engineering.

I was lucky to attend this year’s F1 Grand Prix in Singapore in Marina Bay.

With friends and my lovely family, surrounded by chic pop stars and business leaders, we watched the fastest cars whizz by.

Check out the Guardian’s great coverage of the event.

F1 Singapore Grand Prix: five things we learned from Marina Bay

It was quite a year, with some monitor lizards joining the race and nasty accidents adding to the complaints of the track’s technical issues.


Strange happenings on Singapore’s F1 track

See Anthony S Casey’s coverage on Vimeo!


Anthony S Casey Singapore F1 Grand Prix from Anthony S Casey on Vimeo.