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international champions cup

How much “appearance fee” did the big clubs make during the last few weeks? Anthony S Casey weighs in. Looks like Manchester United is  leading the way.

FFN will be joining Manchester City FC’s brand guardian on 29th August 2016. Mark your calendar to hear exclusive insights on how to build a football brand in Asia Pacific.

The football business is a regional and global marketing platform. There is strong competition for fans, sponsors, media coverage and even broadcast opportunities. Learn how Asia’s favourite football league, the English Premier League, enables Manchester City to engage Asia Pacific.
In a landscape drenched with popular teams, how do you differentiate your brand? Manchester City is relatively new to fans in Asia.  How do they compete? How do they, as a brand, compare with rivals Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. This discussion will also cover the role of franchises. It’s sure to be a great discussion! We hope you join us later this month.

More details on British Chamber of Commerce

29th August 2016 7:30am @ BritCham Singapore.