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3 Little Known Way to Invest in Sports

3-Little-Known-Way-to-Invest-in-Sports | Anthony S CaseyDid you know that it’s possible to boost your economic circumstances by investing in professional sports?

Sports investing has been around since the 1920s, believe it or not. Athletic apparel and media conglomerates are derivative businesses affiliated with professional sports leagues. Also, more impressively, professional sports leagues are multi-billion dollar industries.

While this type of investing is far from risk-free, we know that that there are tons of financial benefits. Crowds don’t stop spending when they leave the stadium; purchase endless appeal, they renovate entire rooms, pay for distribution channels, and lay down major money for executive spending. Brand loyalty tends to be generational, and this is great news for those interested investing in sports teams.

Read on to learn about three types of sports investment to consider:

Own Your Own Minor League Team

Hockey, soccer, football, lacrosse, and rugby minor league teams aren’t too expensive. There’s a belief that you have to be wealthy to invest in sports. However, you can claim ownership of a minor league team, a simple summer-only, wood-bat minor league baseball team made up of college players, for a small amount. For as little as $100,000 to $250,000, you can own a team –and if you partner with others, you can manage to only be on the hook for a $50,000 commitment. With that in mind, baseball teams may be a bit more expensive.

Purchase Shares of A Publicly Traded Team

Share-owning a publicly traded team isn’t the most popular way to invest, likely because it isn’t listed on an exchange and it doesn’t pay any dividends. The value for many is the stock certificate investors will receive, as well as opportunities to attend annual shareholder meetings. There’s also an acknowledgment of contribution.

Invest in Apparel and Retail Stocks

Publicly held sporting goods stores and brand name apparel companies usually provide a high level of service and it’s usually swollen with customers searching for new attire. This demonstrates an inarguable interest in apparel. These opportunities offer great returns, dividends, and apparel.

Some other things you may want consider as investment options are the ownership of health club franchises and investing in collectibles.

What are your thoughts on sports investment? Do you have any other ideas about investing in sports?

Who Else Remembers the 3 Most Electrifying Moments in FIFA World Cup History?

Who Else Remembers the 3 Most Electrifying Moments in FIFA World Cup History? | Anthony S CaseyWhat is it about football that drives us wild? Is it the pace? The rivalry? Yes to both. However, more than that, it’s the competitive drive, which pushes players up and down the field. Also, there’s the abundance of serious drama and action taking place on the green!

While the FIFA has presented a laundry list of unbelievable occurrences, let’s revisit some of the more exciting and intense moments in FIFA World Cup History.  

Italy v France, World Cup 2006: Zidane’s Headbutt


High energy rocked the stadium at the World Cup final in 2006. As the game was underway, television cameras captured France’s Zinedine Zidane headbutting Italy’s Marco Materazzi’s chest, which caused him to be sent off the court. The headbutt was the wrong move for the incredible footballer, as this turned out to be a shocking end to his overall successful career. Many years later, Materazzi finally admits what he said to Zidane in the World Cup Final, which prompted the attack.  Check out the footage on YouTube.

England v Argentina, World Cup 1998: Beckham’s Retaliates


Little was more shocking than when David Beckham was handed the red card for kicking Diego Simeone as an act of retaliation. Correction: The greater shock was that Diego Simeone, who moments before fouled Beckham and knocked him to the ground, received just the yellow card for the assault. Beckham’s being sent off is still talked about as many believe that Simeone actually tripped over Beckham’s leg as he walked backward. Check out the footage on YouTube.

Argentina v England, World Cup 1986, “The Hand of God”

Diego Maradona scored two of the most famous goals in football history. The initial goal took place after 51 minutes, and he was able to score by using his hand, an act that became known as “The Hand of God.” The second goal involved the talent dribbling past five England players. This incredible feat became known as the “Goal of the Century.” Near singlehandedly, Maradona led his team to victory against England. Maradona went on to win the Golden Ball as the best player of the tournament. Check out the footage on YouTube.

Those three moments were great, but it doesn’t stop there. Luis Suarez biting Giorgio Chiellini at the 2014 World Cup Brazil, The Miracle of Berlin, Frank Rijkaard spitting at Rudi Voller, Schumacher Knocking Out Battiston, and other upsets and shocking moments have occurred at the World Cup. View the video below, which offers footage of other unbelievable moments.

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